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Things to ask Your SEO Agency

Questions-to-ask-your-SEO-AgencyThe below questions are helpful   because they give you a good guidance of what you are expected to know from your SEO agency although you are not a SEO specialist. It is important to use your gut while asking the questions so that you will ascertain whether the company you are hiring is capable of walking the talk.

  1. “Show me a link you built”

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those feature checkboxes for most web companies. However, there is a problem because this term at times confuses and most people, both users and designers, normally misunderstands it. SEO comprises two components, on-page and off-page. On-page comprises things that you can control on your site such as header optimization, copy, title gags, description of meta and images. On the other hand, off-page is not on your site , but rather it is where most of the hard work and expertise come from. It is best if you ask your SEO agency for a sample of what they have done previously. You can visit this sites so as you are able to see those links that are relevant.

  1. “ Show me your SEO team”

At times a company may claim to be doing SEO but really do not. A SEO company should have a dedicated team with resources.SEO  is outsourced in most cases, but cases of low quality brands have emerged of late where a SEO agency may embrace quantity instead of quality. Presence of a dedicated SEO team implies that the company is embraces quality that will improve your business’ site visibility thus mitigating risks.

  1. “ How have you changed your SEO strategy in the last 1-2 years”

There have been radical changes in SEO in the last couple of years. This led to change of rules of the game, a SEO agency you choose to work for you should have changes to adjust to the rule of the game too. Although it is easy to know the intricacies of these changes, you should be careful if a company has not had any changes.

  1. “How do you integrate SEO into other areas of my business?”

SEO is something that is integrated into every aspect of a business and not something you do once in a while. A good SEO should take into account of such things like events, sponsorships, new product launches and marketing strategies. In the SEO agency you are working with is keen to ask questions concerning every aspect of your business, you should have more reasons to get worried. Some SEO companies may claim to do things that they really do not do in the actual sense.