A Guideline for Choosing the Best Keyboard for Beginners

If you’re interested in learning how to play a keyboard, it would be advantageous if you have your own. This will allow you to study the musical instrument according to your own pace and at times when you are inspired and comfortable. Here are some pointers to remember when choosing the right keyboard for a beginner.

Understand different keyboard types Keyboards come in different types. Before you purchase one, it’s imperative that you have a clear understanding of what you’re spending for. This is to ensure that you’re getting value for your money.

Portable keyboards

These are intended for beginners. As the name suggests, this keyboard type is lightweight and can be carried around. Beginners can also quickly memorize the features since these are quite simple and arranged in such a manner that they can be easily accessed.

Digital Pianos

These are also known as console pianos. There are two types of a digital piano. The first one is intended for home use particularly for children taking piano lessons. The second one is more sophisticated in design and is often used by professional musicians for on-stage performance. There’s not much difference between the home piano and the stage piano. The only major thing that can differentiate the two is the exterior design. Stage pianos are often glamorous and shiny. However, when it comes to the sounds and guts, the two keyboards are comparable.

Electronic organs

This particular type of organ is advanced and modern. It can mimic any type of sound. You can play traditional and contemporary music. You can even play the old school music of Hammonds without having to break your fingers or back.

The advantage of choosing this type of keyboard is that it allows you to be creative and artistic since there is no limit in the tones and sounds that you can produce using an electronic organ. It is also more affordable than a traditional piano.


This type of keyboard produces pre-programmed and pre-recorded sounds. Don’t confuse it with a piano. Although they both have black and white keys, a synthesizer doesn’t have the complete 88 keys. You can’t also play or produce music with a synthesizer without software or an amplifier. What’s the advantage of choosing synthesizers? It offers a wide variety of tones. It can even copy the tone of any instrument such as a guitar or a violin. It also comes with a pedal, buttons, and tone knobs that can help you manipulate the sounds and come up with a unique music.

Arranger Keyboards

This type of keyboard is particularly used for composing of new songs and music. It is known as a “band-in-a-box” because you can create an entire song by using this instrument. It’s a powerful device that can be used for musical concerts and live performances.

Although this may sound too advanced for a beginner, it is actually a useful option for those that are still learning how to play the piano. You can use this to familiarize yourself with the different styles of playing music including rock, jazz, or Latin.

Consider your level of learning

It would be smart to choose a keyboard type that suits your needs. If you are serious about learning how to play the piano, you might want to consider buying the most advanced type of keyboard. If you just want to learn for fun and at your own pace, choosing the most basic type of keyboard is recommendable.

Consider the key features

Ask the store owner or salesperson about the main features of the keyboard that you are interested in buying. They should be able to help you understand what those keys and buttons are for. You can also research the accessories and software that you might need in studying.

Sampler – This is a tool that lets you program a digital sound and play it in different ways. Sequencer – This tool lets you record a MIDI performance and play it again according to the sequence that you have pre-programmed. USB or Bluetooth – Some keyboards can be connected to a computer through a USB or a Bluetooth. The more modern ones also allow you to connect them to an iOS device.


The best keyboard depends on your personal preference. Many factors are at play. Experts can only give tips but at the end of the day, only you can decide which one is suitable for your specific needs. Choose what you believe will aid you in learning how to play good music. An ideal keyboard encourages your musical inclination and creative side.