Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Guitar

Learning to play at least one instrument in your life is an essential experience. Music brings joy and creates beautiful memory. Don’t spend your whole life not knowing to how to make music even if it’s just for fun and nothing intended for professional purpose.

One of the best musical instruments that you can try to learn is the guitar. It is perfect for anyone even for those who are not musically inclined. The guitar produces a wide range of tones and you can surely play an entire song with just a couple of lessons and practice.

Acoustic versus Electric Guitar

There are two basic types of the best guitar. The first and most common type is the acoustic one. Guitar teachers recommend the acoustic guitar for students that are just starting to learn. There are pros and cons of choosing the acoustic guitar.


• Great for creating raw and good sounds

• Generally, less expensive than the electric type

• You can start playing the acoustic guitar without the need of using any accessory

• Compatible for playing all types of music including country, rock, folk and many more


• The strings of the acoustic guitar are generally hard on the fingers

• You’ll probably develop callous on your fingertips

• It can be painful at your fingers at first until you get the hang of it

The other type of guitar is the electric one which is more popular for users that are interested in rock and modern music. Many students move on to electric guitar once they mastered the acoustic type. There are pros and cons of choosing the electric type of guitar.


• The electric guitar can produce an unlimited palette of sounds especially the loud ones

• It can create or mimic real sounds

• The strings are soft and won’t cause callous unless your skin is too sensitive

• The user can opt to plug a headphone into the electric guitar so only him can hear the music that he’s playing


• Complete set of accessories must be purchased and used so you can fully enjoy the benefits of an electric guitar

• A beginner may find it difficult to set the right tones

• Being able to play the electric guitar doesn’t mean that you can also play the acoustic type

Choosing the Right Kit for your Best Guitar

The type of kit to buy will depend on your guitar. Acoustic and electric guitars require a different set of kits. For the acoustic guitar, you will need a starter kit. Many companies offer a complete set of kit so you’re ready to create music. This includes picks, guitar strap, extra strings, and some instructional materials.

For the electric guitar, the beginner’s kit is generally more complex and you have to buy all of them in order to maximize the use of your new instrument. A few things included in the kit:

• Gibson SG

• Gibson E-335

• Gibson J-45

• Gibson Les Paul

• Fender Jazz master

• Fender Stratocaster

• Martin D-28

• Danelectro Silvertone

Choosing the look for your best guitar

The best guitars are generally made from wood but the type of wood varies depending on the brand, manufacturer, or sometimes from what place the guitar was purchased. If you are particular with aesthetics, there are different designs to choose from.

First, choose the shape of the body or the case. Dreadnought is the classic shape for acoustic guitars but you will also find ones with the auditorium body. The shape does not affect the quality of the music that is produced.

Second, you can choose the colors and the designs. The wooden color is traditional but you can also find pink, white, or colorful guitars. Although these aesthetic factors have nothing to do with music, it is still important to pick a guitar design that you truly want. This will inspire you to keep on learning and possibly becoming a pro in playing this instrument.

Other Factors to Look at

It’s important to try out different guitars when you’re shopping. It’s difficult to know which one matches your personality unless you try holding it person. Some questions that you should be asking:

• How heavy and how wide is the guitar when you carry it?

• Are you comfortable with its shape and weight?

• How does it feel like strumming the guitar’s strings?

• For electric guitars, how difficult it is to control the instrument?

These are just same basic tips when finding the best guitar. At the end of the day, only you can decide which particular type is suitable to your preferences.